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Who we Are

Since its establishment in 2006, Sea Quest (Fiji) Limited is already making its presence known very strongly in the fishing industry today.

From the humble beginnings of three boats, Sea Quest now has a total of 8 licensed ocean-going fishing vessels. In November 2012, Sea Quest purchased Celtrock Holdings Limited, a local fish processing plant- also a leading exporter and supplier of fish.

Sea Quest employs around 200 + staff including Crew, Engineers, Administration staff, Security personnel and individuals hired for general unloading, cleaning and casual work. The acquisition of Celtrock has added another 50 personnel for processing works. The companies provide employment to unskilled and unqualified men, particularly from rural areas.

Sea Quest boats haul in their catch using the long line method of fishing. Our fishing is very selective with about 98% of what we catch being marketable in terms of species and size. Sea Quest’s A- Premium products including sashimi are exported to the Japanese market, which is the most discerning market. Our consistent delivery to market of the freshest quality has been met with great enthusiasm from the United States buyers as well and they are loyal to our products no matter what the market conditions are.
Sea Quest and Celtrock Holdings Limited are currently implementing the concept of Bar-coding and E-log monitoring, through the use of leading edge technology that will allow complete traceability and accountability of our products from the ‘hook to the market’.
Sea Quest has 5 vessels certified with EU accreditation and Celtrock is working in collaboration with the Fiji Health department to have our factory accredited to export to the European Union.

In December Sea Quest (Fiji) Limited along with the FTBOA (Fiji Tuna Boat Owners Association) were accredited with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council Certification). This means that albacore is now eligible to be marketed with the MSC’s globally recognised eco label providing consumers with assurance that the product originates from a certified sustainable source. The certification will create opportunities to develop new markets where demand for certified sustainable seafood is high.
Winning the Fisheries Exporter of the Year Award has given us the confidence and the drive to be committed, bold and different but most importantly to lead by example in our industry.

“We simply can’t believe the response we are getting from our customers and we have been overwhelmed by the support, response and demand for our products,” says Mr. Haywood.

“We can’t keep up with the demand. We are getting more than we can offer at the moment from our traditional markets as well as new ones. It is hard to meet the demand of our traditional markets of the US and Japan alone and then we have our new markets such as the EU, New Zealand and Australia. It is hard to keep up so definitely there is still room for expansion in our company and we are here to stay.”